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These repair guides are for a 2007-2012 Jeep Wrangler (JK) Sport, Sahara, Rubicon and Unlimited Editions.

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tipm/ totaly intergrated power module

The TIPM’s on the vehicles have a high failure rate, they are expensive to replace and require an exchange, I belive its just some corrosion on the board and they are repairable. part# is 4692236ak and list price is $880.00

Update (07/07/2021)

I just want to see Ifixit Do a tear down and repair video on them.

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Albert Anderson so what is your question? Yes they are expensive $1100 for my Jeep


So it depends on the failure. There are several issues with these. And I believe there is a bypass kit available that allows you to bypass certain failed issues. I know I purchased the bypass kit to have on hand for my Chrysler mini van. But I believe the jeep has similar issue. and will not start when certain things fail.


@gkjarhead do you recall what it is the kit? Maybe that gives us an indication of what fails.


@gkjarhead i see. They are bypassing the relays. Since it is a failure that seems to cascade makes me think there are issues with the traces. I guess we just have to see what we can find out. Thanks for sharing.


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Albert Anderson I don’t think iFixit is going to tear it down since those folks are just busy with all the other things they have to tear down. They really don’t have the people power to do so. You see, that is the beauty of Answers on here. Hopefully somebody has done it and post a guide soon or even better if you start tearing it down and be the first one to do so. You can then create a guide and post it for the rest of us. Now I do not have mine anymore since I had to return it to Jeep but maybe we can find a TIPM and work on it

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