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Apple Watch Series 2, announced September 7th, 2016 and released September 16 2016.

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Battery Replacement now wont power on.

Hi all, my sisters apple watch series 2 wouldnt hold charge so I went to fix it for her. Did the battery replacement and now it wont turn on at all.

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I have tried it with two different brand new batteries so it rules out that its a dodgy battery. I have tried to turn the apple watch on without a battery in while connected to the charger and it just boot loops.

It also makes this clicking sound while on (I hope you can hear it on video)

. Will any of you be able to help or suggest what I try next?

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hello Ethan,

I don't know why most people think that if a device stops working the battery is always to blame. It's a myth. It doesn't work with battery connected but without it seems okay. Just this bootloop. The device does not start in user mode without the battery electronics connected, which is normal. You must make sure that the connection is correct and the induced current has a correct value. It's best to take the watch apart on the table and check each module. Screen works - the first step done.

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Hi, I've edited the post, the reason I changed the battery is because the watch was working fine apart from the battery died really fast, hence the batteries being the first attempt. Thats why im confused that changing the battery hasnt fixed the problem.


I understand, I will try to help. You need a meter with diode functions, resistance, voltage and current in mA. Disconnect the power and check the resistance of the power line to the battery. Next, connect the batteries and the charging cable. Check the voltage while charging at the battery port. You will quickly discover the truth. Check the same with the old battery connected (it's no secret that the replacement ones - brand new, sometimes are already broken). It happens. Personally, I would expect a short circuit and a trace of water in the crown and button area.

PS: I assume you didn't tear something out while disconnecting the battery :-) Check it twice!


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