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The Dell Precision 5510 is a mobile workstation laptop released by Dell in 2015 as part of its Precision line of mobile workstations.

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How to power on when the power button circuit board is smashed down

On the motherboard the power switch pad is smashed

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how bad is the damage? photos please.


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Hmm, you may need to replace the motherboard or the computer itself. If you don’t feel comfortable replacing the motherboard yourself, then contact your computer manufacturer to have it fixed.

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Danny Vaughan no reason to replace the motherboard just yet because of a switch. Post some good pictures of your board and the damaged switch etc. At bare minimum a switch can be bridge with some jumpers etc or you can always try and resolder a new switch. We need to see the damage before giving you something a bit more concrete. Always try iFixit first and after that it’s ok to iReplaceit

Adding images to an existing question

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