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The Motorola Lapdock 100, manufactured by Motorola in 2011, was created to adapt to the smartphone for easier use for typing and surfing the web.

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Need to know what part is blown.

Block Image

Block Image

Hello, I'm hoping you can help. I received 5 of these lapdocks and they all seem to have the same problem. PQ10 is blown out on the units I've checked so far. This is an easy repair if I knew what this part was. So my question is could you provide a clear image of the part or identifying marks on it. It's on the keyboard plug side of the mb and close to the USB ports

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Joey Harper lets reverse this. How about we have you post some clear image of the mb and which part has blown? It'll make it easier for those that might try to help you out. Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente


Yep sorry about that got a couple up hope they are enough to go by.


Joey Harper. Awesome, lets see if you can get anyone to supply you with an answer. I'll keep on looking for a board to assist as well



Can you find the motherboard's make and model number printed on the board itself?

Cannot see it in the images that you posted but there's something ending with EL : ON6 that may be it or maybe not.

Looking at the motherboard in the Ifixit Motorola Lapdock 100 Motherboard Replacement guide, the motherboard shown in it is a Hannstar J MV-6 94V but when searching for the schematics for it I'm only getting spam sites.

Finding the schematics for the motherboard would tell you what the components are.


It's DA00N6MB6CO REV: C (UPDATE), MODEL: ON6 HannStar. I've search for a bit on it and seem to get crap and completely different boards. The batteries popped up but I can't find the screen either. Information seems scarce.


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Hi @harper1040 ,

I cannot find any schematics or other information using the details that you supplied but this link may be of some interest, although you may have already seen it.

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