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Slot de memória em curto

Hi, My name is Carlos. I’m from Brazil

I have a Mid 2010 13” MacBook Pro A1278. Memory Slot 0 (next to the motherboard), must be in trouble. When I put a SO-DIMM stick in it, the equipment turns on and does not upload video. When I put the SO-DIMM in slot 1 everything is normal.

How to replace the defective slot?

I will be grateful for someone to send a step by step.


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Sadly if the memory slot is bad there is little you can do other than replacing the logic board.

Let’s give this a try first! Carefully loosen one quarter turn the four screws which hold the memory socket frame.

Make sure you are using the correct SO-DIMM RAM - 204-pin PC3-8500 (1066 MHz) DDR3 SO-DIMM

And keep in mind this system is limited to 8GB using two 4GB SO-DIMM’s

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