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The iOpener is an insulated, heat-retaining bag that can be heated in a microwave and used to transfer heat to the adhesive along the edge of an iPad or similar device.

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Can I use a non turntable microwave to heat up the iOpener?

Can I heat it up with my Miele not turntable microwave oven

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yes, but. microwave ovens have "hot spots" and that's why most of them added turntables, to move the food/iOpener around to even out the heating. I suggest that you warm it up, move it to a different spot, warm it up some more.


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@novathefaded no reason why you can't. Only thing you will have to check for is that it is uniformly heated up. You may have to manually move it and microwave it again to accomplish this but ultimately it should work in that MW as well.

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