Kenmore Coldspot model multiple issues

Water valve shows no signs of clogs the on and off one behind the fridge in the inlet to the freezer shows no signs of clogs and it is clean.

clicking noise comes from the refrigerator where the temperature knob is on the top of the refrigerator yes the condenser coil‘s are clean it happens twice in a 24 hour. Once at 3 AM and another at 11 AM Eastern standard time.

I see no obvious signs of mechanical failure and I checked everything that I can get my hands on so far they practically tore the thing down and put it back together.

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The model number is 106.72152111


Hi @snuguide ,

What is the model number of the refrigerator?

Besides the clicking noise twice every 24 hours, what are some of the "multiple issues" with the refrigerator as you didn't mention any?

Ice maker problems, freezer too warm/cold, refrigerator too warm/cold etc?


Hi @snuguide,

The iRobot can be a bit aggressive with long number strings as it thinks that it is spam.

I have restored your deleted comments and questions and removed the duplicates but it seems that the system also removed them as the ones you posted with more information as to the problem have also gone, so you may have to edit your question here (click on Options > Edit) and add the information as to what is happening. I've also restored your reputation points that were deducted because of the deletions by the iRobot.

In the meantime here's a link that may help



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