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Unveiled at the 2000 North American International Auto Show on January 10, 2000, the redesigned 2001 Dodge Caravan and 2001 Chrysler Town & Country were released for sale in August 2000.

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No power battery new

I have a 2002 dodge caravan. Its been sitting for 6 months.

I stopped driving it because it kept losing power. Before I just parked it til now it had no power to anything. We decided to either try to figure out the problem or just sell it. But hopefully someone here can help me.

There is absolutely no power to my vehicle at all with a fully charged battery. The alternator is less then a year old. Almost everything has been replaced except the engine. No dash lights, no clicking noise when trying to turn it on, no response whatsoever. Checked the terminals, they seem fine but I have no tester to check. When I attach the battery to the charger it shows fully charged. My charger is also an emergency jump box as soon as I connect the terminals to the battery and connect the jump box to the terminals the charger turns off and shows no connection.

Anyone have any idea on what this can be?

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You're gonna need a meter, and some patience. Start from the battery and work out from there. Positive terminal to vehicle ground. Should read battery voltage (make sure and check dc not ac). If you don't have anything the its time to disconnect your battery, and start doing continuity tests on the ground going from negative terminal connector out. Where you find no continuity will tell you where the problem is. Now, if you DO get the proper reading, move on. Trace the cable to the next junction. Ensure power is there. This may be an inline fuse (I've seen it before!) Or it may be the fuse box. Make sure you're getting power to the fuse box. Make sure its leaving the fuse box. Since everything dies I suspect it will be somewhere between the battery and fuse box. Might be bad connection in said fuse box. Might be a broken wire. Im not positive with this particular vehicle, but some have fuses near the battery that all power goes through before even getting more than a foot or two away. You'll need to trace them and see. But I doubt you'll have to go beyond the fuse box in the engine compartment. Everything i can find doesn't show main fuses on this vehicle between the battery and fuse box. And I know of no relays that affect ALL power.

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