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The Dell Inspiron 580 covers the basic computing needs. It may not provide the most advanced version of each feature, but the basics are available and provided for users.

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Computer only runs on half RAM, beeps 4 times when has full ram sticks

I was doing work on my computer the other day, when suddenly the graphics card turned off inside the computer. i cleaned and reseated it and that got the computer to work. but then the processor fan started running faster than usual. i cleaned the processor and removed the factory thermal paste and applied a new bit. And now the ram sticks, or rather the ram slots, don’t work. 2 of them work, and 2 of them, when they have the ram sticks in them, make the computer produce 4 beeps. i had 8 gigs of ram, and it only runs on half of them.

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i did do that


So which 2 slots don't work?


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Did you try each ram module individually in slot 1 to make sure that they're all working OK, you didn't say?

If they all work individually then try 2 modules in slots 1 & 3.

If that works OK then try 3 modules in slots 1, 3 & 2.

just trying to isolate if it is just a ram module issue, a particular slot issue or a ram controller issue.

Remember to disconnect the power from the desktop before removing /replacing the modules.

Update (04/01/2021)

@ Roman

So slots 1 & 2 don't work at all and 3 & 4 do, is this correct?

If so then it seems like the controller for the 1st two slots or where they connect to the chipset has a problem

What is the board number of the motherboard? (printed on the motherboard itself)

The ram connects to the CPU via the chipset so if some slots aren't working, you may have to find the schematics for the board to find out why the ram controller(or the chipset) is not working properly.

Given that you have had other problems with the motherboard try doing a power refresh first, just to eliminate the possibility of a corrupted BIOS being the problem.

Disconnect the power to the desktop and then remove the coin cell battery from the motherboard (see the service manual how to do this -remember which way the battery was installed for when you have to reinsert it, normally it is +ve on top as marked on the battery) . Press and hold the power button operated for 15 seconds and then release. This will force the BIOS back to its default settings.

Reinsert the coin cell battery, reinsert ram into slot 1 only, reconnect the power to the desktop and turn on.

If it now works OK then try all slots. If it now all works OK, you may have to go back and check if the coin cell battery is OK. If the battery voltage is <2.5V DC replace it. The battery type is marked on the battery. It may be a CR2032 which is commonly available. This battery maintains the BIOS settings when the desktop is turned off and when it gets low sometimes the BIOS can become corrupted which can cause all sorts of strange things to happen

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i did that yesterday. it's not the ram sticks, it's slots 1 and 2 (i think, maybe look at the image i made to get a grip on what's wrong)


Did you try slots 1 & 2 individually?

According to the service manual the slots need to be populated slots 1& 3 and then if more added 1, 3 & 2 and finally 1, 3, 2 & 4

You know it doesn't work with 4 installed but did you try slots 1 & 3? If they work then try just 2 & 4


yeah no it's slots 1 and 3, as shown on page 28 of the manual



it didn't work


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