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Samsung smartphone released in January 2016. Model SM-J320

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display cropped after replacing broken LCD and touch screen

Just took my Samsung J4 core in for repair, after it took a hard fall.

It came back with the display screen cropped.

the navigation buttons are cropped in half…and the display screen looks smaller than it looked before the phone broke.

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Hi @angelique111 ,

Take it back and show the repairer the problem.

You shouldn’t have received it back in this condition as they should have checked that it was OK before handing it back. After all you paid for it to be repaired.


@jayeff I Took it back, and he checked if the LCD screen was sized wrong. got a call saying that the LCD screen was sized correctly and that there might be damage to "display chip"

he says that i have to pay for that to get fixed.

i already paid for the LCD screenrepair:(


@jayeff Yes i paid for a replacement, been arguing back and forth about the condition of the phone.

when he handed me the phone, i noticed the problem and showed it to him, he said that he did not notice this.

i will take the phone elsewhere.


My phonefell in the water works with wifi it diesnt read sim.


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Hi @angelique111

Didn't the repairer notice that there was a problem before handing it back to you?

Seems very strange that they just hand it back without telling you that there may be another problem and that it wasn't the screen. Not very professional on their part.

Unfortunately I don't know what you can do in this situation unless the repairer gave some sort of guarantee on their repair.

They might say that they did replace the screen OK if that's all they were asked to do and not to repair the phone to a proper working condition. They should have told you about the chip problem and asked if you wanted to proceed further, not just hand it back and wait for you to get back to them about it.

Did the repairer give you an estimate of how much it would cost to repair it?

At best perhaps if you want the phone in a workable condition is to go to a more reputable professional repairer and ask for a quote to fix it. Staying with the first repairer wouldn’t be a good idea

They might say that given the age of the phone it is more economically viable to get a new one as you may be spending more on getting it fixed than what it is worth.

Whatever you decide, even though the phone may be hard to use in its present state, make a backup of your data from the phone to a computer or the cloud, using the phone's backup feature. At least that way you got a copy of your data if the phone fails further or the repair causes a loss of data for some reason

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