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These repair guides are for a 2007-2012 Jeep Wrangler (JK) Sport, Sahara, Rubicon and Unlimited Editions.

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right rear turn signal not working.bulb is good tail light works

right rear blinker not working bulb is good tail light brake light work.take bulb out put back in works for a second then quits again.2012 jeep wrangler sport

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I am having the same issue on my 3012 Jeep wrangler and can't solve the issue. The blub is good.


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Try a new bulb to be sure and check for problems at the pig tail connection for trailer lights plug or a broken wire where someone tried to tap in with blue connectors for trailer lights.

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Hi @brookie1,

A problem I've run into with taillight bulbs is corrosion in the socket itself. Generally they're pretty well sealed against rain and water, but with age those seals can fail and allow moisture in.

As Rodney stated in his answer, the first thing to try is a new bulb; they can look fine and even power up momentarily but go out when they heat up, so at a minimum you should at least swap the bulb from the other side to verify the bulb. Use a piece of sandpaper to clean the contact on the bottom of the bulb to make sure there isn't any corrosion on it.

Assuming it still doesn't work, remove the bulb and inspect the inside of the socket. There will be a spring contact at the bottom and a metal case that holds the bulb itself; look for any corrosion, a white powdery-appearing substance, on both parts. If you find any, use sandpaper to clean it thoroughly, then check the spring contact to make sure it's not bent down to where it doesn't make a good connection when the bulb is inserted. If you compare it with another socket, they should both stick up the same amount. If not, bend it up manually to match.

That usually fixes the problem for me, so hopefully it will take care of yours.

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Hi @dadibrokeit,

is there a spring contact in the bulb socket?

looking at images of the bulb it appears to have two male pins that may just slide into the socket's female pins.

Also the owner manual shows that it is a type 3157 bulb which matches the images. It also states to simply pull the lamp out and not press, turn and pull which you have to do with bulbs that have an offset bayonet type fitting and have spring base contacts



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Hi @brookie1

If the turn signal only works intermittently it could be a corroded bulb socket.

It's a bit hard to visually check if this is the case to know if this is the problem or whether checks need to made further back in the wiring

A quick way to eliminate the socket as the problem is to replace the socket (supplier example only).

Remove the original socket from the lens assembly and the cut the wires leading to the socket as close as possible to the socket so as to keep the maximum amount of harness wire length. Then splice in the new socket to the harness wires, colour for colour. Take some pictures of the original wiring etc before cutting the wires, so that you know what went where when splicing in the new socket. Also check that the bulb does fit into the replacement socket before doing anything, just in case.

The red and black wires should be standard as they are battery and ground. The 3rd wire (if there is one) may be a different colour though.

If you decide to try this, search online for 3157 socket pigtail to find suppliers that suit you best.

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I'd check the earth for good continuity.

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