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Table lamps are designed to sit on tables. They are not floor lamps, which sit on the floor. Table lamps are usually shorter than floor lamps.

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Small lamps with 40w bulbs flickering without explaination

A couple of weeks ago I noticed 2 small lamps with 40 watt bulbs that I have in a couple locations in my home were pulsing in tandem (not flickering) in the evening. I have had them for about a year. After replacing and tightening the bulbs, all screws and checking all cords, the issue remained. This week I brought in 2 brand new lamps with new bulbs thinking perhaps the previous lamps had simply run their course. Tonight the new lamps are flickering (not pulsing this time) while the washing machine is running it’s agitator cycle (not happening during the rinse or drain parts of the cycle). I’ve taken the new lamps around to different outlets throughout the house and with 21 outlets tested, the flickering was happening in 18 of them. Other electrical items in the house (ceiling lights, appliances, lamps with higher wattage bulbs) are not experiencing these issues. Just these 40 watt lamps. I would greatly appreciate any help! Either that or save me a seat in the loony bin because I’m at my wits end.

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What is the make and model number of the washer?

Does it only occur when the washer is agitating or with other appliances operating as well e.g. air con fridge starting etc.

How many power outlet fuses are in the premises power box?

It may be that the washer is feeding back on the same feed as the table lamp outlets but not on other outlets that are on a different fuse.

You’ve got to start looking for the problem somewhere and start eliminating possible causes if it isn’t the washer itself that is the problem. Some have line filters in the supply inputs in the machine to prevent problems.

If it only occurs when the washer is agitating and not with other major appliances operating then if possible connect the washer using a suitably rated power extension cord to an outlet where the problem didn't occur when the laps were plugged into it and check if it now happens with the lamps. If the outlet is too far away just try the nearest different power outlet just to prove whether it is the machine or perhaps the power outlet that the washer is normally connected to. This is just to check if there may be a problem withthe power outlet that the washer is connected to e.g. reversed active and neutral leads or a missing earth if it is a 3 pin outlet etc. Depending on your location outlet testers (example only) are available from major hardware stores and can be used to clearly show if an outlet is wired correctly or if it has a wiring problem

Are the lamps incandescent (halogen), LED or CFL (compact fluorescent) and are they a different type to the others that don’t exhibit the same problem?

Just trying to check and eliminate all possible scenarios

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