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Repair guides and support for desktop computers produced by Asus including towers and all-in-one display PCs.

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Fatal issue after re-assembling my PC

Hello everyone,


I have an Asus Desktop G11CD-K PC (the K is for Kabylake version) wich i disassembled to clean all its parts (including Graphic card fan, its Processor and cpu fan and by replacing its thermal paste,  and also its front components).

After cleaning:

I did these steps:

  1. I assembled it correctly, but to be honest i did not think that i used all the right screws, but i chose it by its placeholder forms and places.
  2. i turned-on my PC, i found that CPU fan, Graphic Fan, PSU and HDD worked well, but all other parts did not work, like back-fan, all USB peripherics, no signal to the monitor etc..
  3. I tried all possibilities:
    1. Disassembling and re-assembling again many times.
    2. Changing RAM to different slots testing it one by one.
    3. Testing with basic components.
    4. Removing all parts and add it one by one to see if something can make a change but still no changes.
    5. I took out my mobo and test it out of the case but there are nothing again.
    6. I tested my monitor signal sometimes with PCI GPU , and sometimes by iGPU and in the two cases there is no changes.
    7. I pulled out my back-fan (which was not working on the mobo) and i tested it out of the mobo with a 9Volts battery, it worked well.
    8. I checked all my ATX-24 pins PSU voltages with multimeter and with a PSU tester, it gave me the right voltage values.
    9. I reset my CMOS too by pulling out its battery and waiting for 20 minutes, but the issue still existing.
    10. Finally, i plugged my usb mouse and/or my usb keyboard, it lights for milliseconds then it turns-off.

Extra Details:

  1. When turning-on my PC: CPU-fan,PCI-GPU-fan and also HDD are turning all well, but all other parts plugged directely on the mobo does not (like usb ports).
  2. I used a HDD station to check if my HDD still alive and yes it is fortunately and i was able to recover my data.
  3. When cleaning, I used this electronic cleaner liquid. I was not sure but i have a doubt about this step, becasue when reading its manual, it says "it is safe for electronic devices and electronic boards).
  4. After all precedent steps, i used also another electronic cleaner after watching this video hoping that it can help me to remove any problem, but this did never also help.
  5. Before cleaning, i assured that there is no component attached to the current neither to the PSU, and i harded-reset all capacitors by long-pushing power button for 30 seconds to empty all currents from there.
  6. The only thing i forgot here is pulling the CMOS battery from the MOBO. I hope it can not be a cause of a short of something.
  7. Remarks: I was obligated to use "contact cleaners liquids" because in my country there is no shop buying compressed air and i wanted to order one from France but they told me it is forbidden because it is flammable.
  8. I'm a developer, so I have many basic ideas and knowledge about electronics and hardware but i still beginner, so i can learn and understand anyway..


What i expect to know here:

  • What can be the cause of this issue ? is it the cleaner itself or cleaning when the battery is plugged into the mobo? or it could be another thing ?
  • If it is the cleaner: is my mobo is damaged now or not? and this can damage other parts like cpu or they are safe so i can use it on another mobo?
  • Can i repaire it? or i should just replace it or the damaged parts?
  • Can i use my multimeter to check the mobo and/or the CPU at least?
  • Have you any other troubleshooting suggestions ?


My first goal in this forum is to learn more than repairing,

so i hope you can help me by answering all my questions.



Update (03/07/2021)

Hello everybody again,

I’m really sorry for my late answer, because i was waiting for some bought components (my new case , new MSI motherboard and different tools for PC Building).

I’m really happy to say that i finally solved my problem by re-building all my pc using the old parts (except the prebuilt case and the old ASUS mobo),

now my PC works well with my new build, so that i confirm that the problem was only because of the fried mobo.

Fortunately, none of my other components was damaged :D , so I used it in my new case :))

This is my first PC diagnostic & building experience, so i’m really happy to learn something new and I thank you all because i learnt a lot from all of you :)

here is pictures of my new build:

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Solução escolhida

Hi @sohaieb ,

Sounds like it is not passing POST (Power On Self Test)

Try connecting a system speaker (example only to show what it looks like) to the motherboard.

With the speaker attached you should get the BIOS beep error codes which may help to tell you what is wrong.

Unfortunately the user manual for your model doesn't show the motherboard layout but usually the system speaker is connected to header pins on the motherboard in the same section as the front panel connector pins which have the Power On button, HDD LED, reset button wires connected from the front of the case. It is also normally marked as SPKR.

Here’s a link that may help with the location of the system speaker header pins and what the beep codes (if any) mean.

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Hello sir,

i tested it by speaker and also by clearning cmos by removing battery and by jumper .. all these steps does not work for me .. and there is no bip codes with my speaker :(


Hi @sohaieb ,

Check that the CPU is installed correctly and that there are no bent pins etc.

No beeps at all means that the CPU is not working. The fans etc that are turned on are being turned on by the BIOS but the CPU needs to be working for all the other tests in POST i.e. ram OK, video OK etc to be done and completed


Hello @jayeff ,

Thanks for your reply,

there is a problem to mention that: not all fans are working.. for example my back-case fan is never working for me when it is plugged on mobo.

But when i tested it with 9volts battery outside of the mobo it worked well ..

So do you think that this problem also can be caused by the cpu ?



It seems that there maybe a power problem on the motherboard as the fan is not getting power. Have you checked for voltage on the fan's motherboard header pins?

Maybe this is why the CPU is not working either.

I know you said that the PSU voltages were OK but this doesn't mean that the voltage is getting to where it is supposed to on the motherboard.

Did you allow the "cleaner" to completely dry before reconnecting the PSU to the motherboard and then connecting the power to the PSU?

Try removing the screws from the motherboard that hold it in place in the case and check if it is starts. It may be that you placed a screw in the wrong position

You may have to try an find the schematics for the motherboard to check the power on the board.


Hello @jayeff

Thank you again for your quickly answers and your support ..

- About voltages: i will check it as you said and i will give a feedback if there is changes.

- About cleaner: yes i let it completely dry before reconnecting the PSU to the mobo. But there is another important thing to mention: when i cleaned my mobo with the "cleaner" , i forgot my cmos battery plugged, so this can also be a cause of issues ?

- About screws: i turned-on my mobo out of the case without any screws but this did not work for me too ..

I searched about the schematics of my motherboard, but i could not find any manual and this is the main problem which blocked me more and more too :(


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Hi! Sohaieb

I have read all the troubleshooting you have done but I not read that you clear the CMOS with the jumper.

1) Look for the jumper at the bottom of the mobo it should say a very tiny CLR CMOS or something similar.

2) Change the jumper to the clear position by moving the jumper to the other side of the 3 pins.

3) Remove the CMOS battery, the RAM memories and Disconnect the power, wait 1 min. and

put everything back again.

4) Turn on the PC. I hope this work for you PC. If not your motherboead it may have been

damaged and you need to replace it with another

(Remenber always use a brush for clean the interior of PC the liquid and computer not mix

and watch out for compressed air cans they can cause equal damage to PCs if misused)


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Hello sir,

thank you for your reply

but i tested all these steps, but there is no changes .. I also tested it buy a buzzer (speaker) but there is no bip codes ..

so i think you are right, my only way is to replace my mobo ..


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Thank you for the detailed troubleshooting notes. You will have to try replacing the motherboard and use the rest of the components. Personally, I don’t use absolutely any type of “liquid” on my computers. Hope this helps!

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Hello, thank you for your reply ,

you are right, using liquid was really my first and last fault i did in my life ..

I will try to test my mobo with multimeter, and if it is the dead one, so i will replace it ..


I would just replace it entirely to be safe! Even if it passes the tests, I wouldn’t risk damage to other components!



The problem that i don't know yet if the problem is coming from my Mobo or my CPU .. that's why i don't want to take the risk of buying a motherboard and after that i discover that the CPU is the damaged one ..


That’s really the only way to truly test it. Just make sure to do it the same day and if it still doesn’t work, you can return it same day.


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