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Repair guides and troubleshooting for the 40in LCD TV with model number LA40R81BD or LA40R81BDX. This television was released in early 2007.

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When plugged, it gets power for 2-3 seconds, then off for 5-6, cycles


Here is my problem:

Samsung TV model: LN-T3256H

When plugged in, red light comes on for 2-3 seconds, when goes dark for 5-6 seconds, then it cycles around.

I opened the back pannel to look at it, I don’t have much experience with TVs or electronics, I generally stick to wiring battery banks/lights/house appliances

There was quite some dust but apart from that, the only thing I could see was a blue round part marked DSC 5-15 that looked scorched. From a quick search I found it might be a thermistor? Could that be my problem?


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Please verify the model number of the TV as searching online using the number that you posted produces no results?

Here’s the No power troubleshooting flowchart from the service manual for a Samsung LNT3253H that may help. (model is as close as I could find)

You need to check that the correct standby voltage gets from the power board to the mainboard OK and that it is steady.

Looking at the flow chart it appears to be +5V DC. Hopefully it will be marked on the power board where it is. Look near the connector where the cable that connects the mainboard to the power board is connected. It will be designated something like STBY and a voltage value.

Be safety aware when working in the back of a TV as there is exposed lethal AC voltage on the power board. Disconnect the power from the TV unless you need it for testing purposes

Does the scorched part only show a DSC 5 -15 as I could only find DSC 5D-15 thermistors? Is it near to the mains supply input at all?

Post a close up image of the power board. Here’s how to do this on ifixit Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente

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