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The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga 2nd Generation is a 14” laptop released in the spring of 2017 and can be identified by model number TP00076C.

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USB C ports non functioning at all.

Is there any way to replace these parts so i can charge it again?

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Have you checked the status of the USB-C ports in Device Manager, you didn't say?


its dead atm cause i cant charge so i cant check, its a gen 5, for some reason this option is not avalible , any replacement parts?


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You may be out of luck as far as easy replacements are concerned as the two USB-C port are hard mounted on the motherboard.

Are the ports physically damaged at all?

If not then it may still be a software problem and it may be easier to temporarily replace the battery with a fully charged compatible replacement battery and check the status of the USB-C ports rather than removing the motherboard and to replace the USB-C ports as they may not be faulty.

Here’s the hardware maintenance manual that may help with either option that you decide to go with.

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I had one c drive fail. It was covered under warranty. They replaced the motherboard. Apparently not uncommon problem. I WATCHED part of a one and half hour video as someone repaired the port with welding equip or something. It was not an option for me.

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