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Repair guides and troubleshooting for the 40in LCD TV with model number LA40R81BD or LA40R81BDX. This television was released in early 2007.

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How can I fix my tv sound and screen problem

My tv sound and screen stops working after few seconds it comes back. That happens every few minutes. All cables are new and its not tv problem, when i tried that tv in the other room it worked perfectly. Then i tried the tv from the other room to see is it the cable problem and that is not the case. The other tv work perfectly. Im confused. Im sorry for bad description English aint my native language but i have to ask someone about this problem.

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What is the source of the TV signal, e.g. an antenna, a cable box, media streaming device etc?

If it occurs when watching TV channels what is the signal strength as shown on the TV?

Can you check if there is a difference in the signal strength when the TV is in the room where it has a problem and when it is in the room where it doesn't have a problem?

I realize that you said that there are new cables but is this only from the TV wall outlet to the TV and not the cable to the TV wall outlet from wherever the signal is coming from and is split between the rooms?

It may be if there is a weaker signal in the one room then the TV may have problems whereas the other TV, if it is a different make and model might not, as it may work better with lower strength signals. This is only a guess but you have to eliminate things to find out what is going on.

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No its not a signal problem, i had a tv in that spot before i just bought a bigger one. I will add a picture of a device that i use for tv channels



Did you check the signal level anyway?

Different TVs can have different specifications and may react differently to the same signal level if it is low enough or even if it is too high a level

So the old TV had no problems but the new TV does but not in the other room so there has to be something with the TV signal being fed to that room as you say that the new TV works OK in the other room


The device i use to get channels for a TV is just some kinda of a black router i got another remote for it. I really just dont know what it can be


I cant check if i have a good signal beacuse signal cable isnt plugged in my tv its in my channel device



So its a wireless signal and not a cable connection to the TV then?

Please verify the make and model number of the TV that has the problem?


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