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The Bose SoundTouch 10 is a compact and portable speaker measuring just over 8 inches tall and released in late 2015. It is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled, and it comes with 2 color options - black and white.

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SoundTouch 10 not powering on, replaced port but same.

As titled, I have dead SoundTouch 10. I replaced port but still doesn’t power on. One thing I notice is the big fat cap that suppose to hold charge is hissing. Does that mean cap is bad? or can it boot without the cap if I remove that capacitor?

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“Does that mean cap is bad? or can it boot without the cap if I remove that capacitor? “

YES and then NO.

It is faulty and most probably it will not power on with it missing.

If you can hear a hissing sound coming from the capacitor, it is venting.

Be safety aware:

The gas expelled from a venting capacitor is more than 100°C. Never expose hands or face to a venting capacitor. If your eyes are exposed to the gas, flush with water immediately. If the vapor is inhaled, gargle with water. Electrolyte leakage may occur after a capacitor vents. If the electrolyte comes in contact with the skin, wash with soap and water

Disconnect the power from the board and replace the capacitor and then re-evaluate the problem

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