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TV works for a bit then goes to black screen

Was using my TV before and all of a sudden it goes onto a black screen, the screen wasn’t backlit but it was clearly on as was able to control the AV menu even whilst the screen wasn’t backlit. Turn my TV off then on and it goes onto the source I selected whilst the screen wasn’t backlit and after a few mins it goes back onto a black screen, nothing shows at all whilst on this black screen. Already have tried solutions online such as unplug TV for 60 seconds, reset picture settings, use different HDMI cables etc and none have been successful

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Hi @pzdx0143

Here’s the service manual for the TV. Be patient as it takes a little while to go from processing to Download after you have passed the security check and clicked on Go to Download below the Document preview box.

Go to p.13 to view all the possible causes for a No Backlight problem.

Hopefully a start

Update (01/06/2021)

Hi @pzdx0143

With no experience in either being able to read electronic circuits or knowing how to test them safely when there is lethal voltages present then in this case it isn’t just a simple matter of replacing boards as you would only be guessing which one and could end up costing more than getting it fixed professionally.

TVs are always worth fixing but there are lots of things to consider such as the age of TV, the condition, the features it has and the cost of repair.

By this I mean your TV is ~7 years old so it is in the 2nd half of its expected lifespan so things may start to deteriorate and problems may occur more often from now but maybe not as electronic components are getting more and more reliable.

Are you still satisfied with the TV and the features it has or would you like to have the features that the new TVs now have e.g. internet access, bigger, better screens etc?

With the cost of the repair you will have to decide but perhaps set yourself an upper limit as to how much you’re prepared to pay to get it fixed and then contact a reputable, professional TV repair service and ask for a quote.

Try perhaps an “authorized” Panasonic TV repair service only on the basis that they should be familiar with the brand and if they’ve been established for a while may even be familiar with your TV and this particular problem which should cut down the labour cost at least by reducing the amount of time spent on trying to find the problem and then fixing it.

If there are none available then most reputable repairers give a guarantee on their workmanship. It may not be much, 30 days perhaps but it shows that they’re prepared to stand behind their work and the ones that don’t should be avoided.

Ask them if they do give a guarantee when asking for a quote. They may be unfamiliar with Panasonic TVs and whilst still able to repair them it will take longer so tell them about the service manual - give the the link I posted - as this maybe will also cut down the labour cost by reducing the time they spend on trying to establish what is happening. The manual only offers possible causes so it may not be the actual problem but at least it is quicker to eliminate them then if they aren’t.

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Is it worth trying to fix it as someone who doesn’t have experience in repairing TVs, or is it worth trying to see if Panasonic or a specialist can repair it


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