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Part of the Lenovo G Series of everyday laptops released in November 2012.

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Check the status of the audio controller in Device Manager to make sure that it is working OK.

What is the OS in the laptop, Win 7, Win 10?

If Win 7 go to Control Panel > Device manager > Sound, Video and game controllers > click on the > symbol to expand the list and right click on the Conexant audio controller entry > Properties > General tab > Device Status box.

For Win 10 it is slightly faster to get to Device Manager, just right click on the Windows Start icon on the left side of the Taskbar and click on the Device Manager link.

If there is a red cross next to the audio controller entry in Device manager, right click on the entry and select enable and check if the audio now works.

If there is a yellow exclamation mark next to the entry right click on the entry and select Update drivers and follow the prompts. The laptop needs to be connected to the internet for this to work.

If you have no internet connection, here’s a link to the audio drivers for the laptop. Download the ones applicable to the OS (if Win 10 then the Win 7 ones should work) using another PC that has access and then transfer to the laptop and update as above but this time point to where they are located in the laptop when you transferred them when the option is to locate them in your PC.

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