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Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Colored Sunrise Simulation, 5 Natural Sounds & Radio. Released in April 2017. Model number: HF3520/60.

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Alarm does not go off

The display turns off when i turn off the room lights at night and alarm doesn't go off in the morning.

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hi @shikharihani

What is the display level setting at 0 (off), 1, 2, 3, or 4 ?

Does the alarm work for either the alarm 1 or alarm 2 or not for either alarm setting?

Is the alarm icon showing in the display?


It is set to 4. None of the alarms go off.


I'm having a similar problem. Building up to the alarm the light works fine. When the alarm begins the light turns off. If I turn off the alarm the light brightens again. Demo mode seems to work fine. I tried doing a factory reset but not sure I'm doing it right as the alarms are still programmed. Feels like I must've messed up a setting as the light seems to be working fine. Any help would be appreciated.



Check the plug at the wall Niraj, had the same issue and mine was partially out of the socket, pushed it back in and working normally now.


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Hi @shikharihani ,

Have you tried the demonstration mode (see p.22) to make sure that it still functions OK?

If still no good, then disconnect the power from the device and press and hold the lamp on/off button for a full 15 seconds and then release it.

Reconnect the power to the device and set it up again and check if it now works OK.

My thinking is that if there is a glitch in the device software that a power reset might restore it back to its default condition.

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@jayeff I haven't tried the demonstration mode. Let me try that and see. As far as the power button is concerned, I can't find one on it. The only way to turn it on/off (that I know) is to plug/unpkug the power. But I'll check once and get back.



The lamp on/off button doesn't affect the power to the device. What I'm trying to do is with the power disconnected from the device is to dissipate any residual power left in the device which may be holding any corrupted settings, thereby hopefully resetting it. The lamp button can be seen on p.16 of the user manual in the link I posted above


@jayeff the demonstration mode worked. Alarm also works when the room lights are on. However, when the room lights are turned off, the display turns off and the alarm doesn't go off in the morning.



Without a schematic I'm only guessing but it seems like the light detect sensor in the device may be faulty as the device seems to be"light dependent" (no pun intended) for its operation. No ambient light and it doesn't work properly

I think that the demonstration mode doesn't rely on the sensor as you don't have to alter anything e.g. room lighting, to see the various lighting stages etc.


@jayeff ooh ok! So do you think I need to get a new one? It has been just over a year since I bought it


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Going to take a flying guess here but it sounds like the alarm is plugged into a light switch outlet. Have you tried using it in another room and turn off the lights? Maybe a bathroom with the door closed? I wonder if it's something that simple.

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Mine goes dead a few times a year. One minute all ok. The next you walk in and its dead.

Only thing that worked is unplug power supply. And let it sit for a week. Then plug power back in and it works again.

So i agree with jayeff above. The lamp may have a corrupt setting and (unfortunately) some kind of battery. It takes time for that to die out.

I tested bit the lamp on/off button and demonstration mode don't work for me.


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My Philips hf3510 still is silent though the surgestions above have been tried. No sound at all. Even the connection from the speaker has checked. All other features function well.

Any idea to solve this issue?

Best regards


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