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A swimming pool is a container filled with water intended for swimming or water-based recreation.

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Repairing an Aquabot Pump pool cleaning pump

G'day guys, just discovered this nice forum. I have a motor AS00035R that do not start unless you spin it a little by hand. I feel capacitors are gone. Someone so nice to help me to open it without make stupid mistakes ! Thanks a lot Michele from Italy

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Did you replace the startup capacitor?


I tried to do it myself but messed up the whole cleaning system


Where can I buy the shaft seals and O rings for the pump motor? What are their designations? All of this is so top secret its insane.


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Not sure if this is for the same motor but still may be worth a look

Repairing electric pump motor

Here is the link from the Chosen Solution showing how to disassemble the pump.

Hopefully it is the same as your pump or at least very similar

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