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Part of the Lenovo G Series of everyday laptops released in November 2012.

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Why when I turn it on show black screen

Hi!When i turn on my Lenovo G580 shows black screen.

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Can you hear the HDD spin up or hear the Windows Startup sound indicating that the laptop may have booted into the OS?

If so, try connecting an external monitor to the laptop's vga port (or HDMI port if it has one) and check if there is a display on it when the laptop is turned on and booted into the OS. Don't forget to press Fn + F3 to toggle the display between the laptop screen only, the external display only or both on together.

If there is a display on the external monitor, try shining a torch at an angle close to the screen and check if you can detect any images at all when the laptop has been started. They will be very faint if they are there so trying this in a darkened room may help.

If you can detect images then there is a problem with the backlighting in the screen.

If you can’t hear the HDD spin up or get the Windows Startup sound, try getting into BIOS on startup by pressing the Novo button (between the Power button and the System status indicator lights) and hopefully getting a display.

If you get a display when in BIOS there may be a driver problem.

If Win 10 is the installed OS try starting the laptop in safe mode (use method 2 or 4). If you can get into the Windows Recovery menus OK with a display then go to Troubleshoot > Advanced > Startup repair and follow the prompts.

Be careful if you select Reset this PC because if you choose the wrong option after this you can delete all you data as Windows will be reinstalled.

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Hi!Well Is not showing display,but i hear the hdd.With external display not show display at all.


edit:I tried to put a torch next to the laptop display nothing


Hi @Pachonski

The laptop may not be booting into the OS, therefore there is no display

Try a power refresh in case the BIOS has become corrupted, preventing a normal start.

Turn off the laptop if it is on and disconnect the charger from the laptop if it is connected.

Remove the battery from the laptop and then press and hold the laptop's Power on button for a full 30 seconds and then release it.

Doing this drains any residual power from the laptop and resets the BIOS back to its factory default settings.

Reinsert the battery into the laptop, reconnect and switch on the charger and then try to turn on the laptop and check if it boots into the OS with a display.

If it works OK there may be a message saying that the date and time is incorrect. This is normal because the BIOS has been reset to its factory condition. Once you have adjusted the date and time the message won't appear the next time that the laptop is started.


This doesn't help

It doesn't boot to lenovo screen


Hi!I called the local computer service in my town Ruse.They gonna open it.

They gonna fix the problem



@Pachonski What computer service said about the problem?


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I had an issue with G580 Lenovo - not booting, only showing screen backlight and no display, no logo screen.
The resolution for me was to simply change BIOS to accept legacy support/legacy boot.

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