Stuck on loading and screen flickers black and grey

So.I was using my PS3 super slim and it said “A system file is corrupted so we need to restart your system”.Or something like that but then it was stuck on the 47% mark and after a long time it got to 48%.Then my brother said the screen was pitch black so i looked and then i saw the screen flicker grey and later we turned it off and back on.Same thing happened.I call it “loading flicker” and i want to fix it.Can you help me please.Thanks!

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i know its old but its my older brothers and he would not like it after when i was 6 or 5 i put toothpaste on the disc thus meaning we could not play full games and only demos.We also had 0 MONEY on the playstation store.So its half broken but if this continues i think it could be gone forever


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