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A 13-inch "2-in-1" laptop with a 360-degree hinge that allows it to convert to a tablet-like form factor.

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Will a dead battery stop laptop turning on?

Was having warning replace battery for a couple of months. Used power adaptor as battery would only last a few minutes. Was typing document then laptop went into hibernation and will now not power on. Is this due to the battery being dead or is it something more serious?

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I have an old hp split m010dx that has two batteries, I replaced one of the batteries, I could press the power button and it would power on using one of the batteries, however I removed the bad battery and in order to power the laptop on from hibernation or to power it up when its off, the laptop would not turn on without the adapter. Certain laptops will act different with their batteries being removed


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Yes, a dead battery can cause power issues even if you are using a charger as power. I would open the unit and unplug the affected battery. You should be able to use the laptop with the internal battery unplugged and the ac adapter/charger to power it, but as with a desktop when you unplug the ac adapter/charger from the unit you will lose power. However, look into getting a battery replacement.

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Did as suggested, still didn't work.

Unplugged the cmos battery, left for half an hour then tried again and it started.

After playing around with settings for a while it all worked okay.

Plugged all batteries in again put together and has been working ever since.



Check if the RTC - Real Time Clock (aka CMOS) battery is OK.

If it is <2.6V DC replace it.

It maintains the BIOS settings when the laptop is powered off and once it starts to get low these settings may become corrupted preventing a normal start.

The battery is non- rechargeable and usually lasts for 4-5 years before problems start to occur.

A quicker way to reset the BIOS back to its factory default condition is to remove the main battery and the RTC battery and then press and hold the laptop's power On button for a full 30 seconds and then release then reassemble etc

This drains any residual charge from the motherboard as it tries to start but obviously can't and resets the BIOS back to its factory default condition.

You may sometimes get an error message when first starting after doing this reset regarding the date and time being incorrect as it has been set back to the original date/time of manufacture. Once the date and time have been corrected then it won't appear the next time the laptop is started. Also as you have found out any user defined preferences in BIOS will be lost and have to be redone again to suit requirements


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