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Insignia NS-24E340A13 LED HDTV: Watch your favorite television shows and movies in full HD with a crisp LED display. This Insignia TV is easy to set up and just the right size for casual viewing in the bedroom, kitchen or a cozy living space.

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Why does my TV have a thick black bar in the middle of the screen

``I bought this Tv at a yard sale yesterday and when I turned it on, a thick horizontal bar appeared in the center of the screen. Can someone tell me what’s wrong with it or if theirs a part that I can replace? Thanks, Darren

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itz lolz that looks like a failed Side Tab possibly brought on by a failed LCd panel. Disassemble it and check all the ribbon cables make sure they are properly connected. After that check the LCD driver board and the ribbon cables the enter the LCD panel. See if any of them may have corroded or have come off. Let us know what you find.

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There doesn’t seem to be a problem with any boards, or cables but I want send a picture to verify, but I do not know how to?


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NS-50P650A11 has a white bar on the left that comes and goes. Tcon, main board, power supply?

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