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Made by GM. It's the eighth generation of a land yacht!

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coil pack is not getting power,all fuses checked ok.

car has been running fine went to start it no power to coils checked all fuses ok .

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You may have a bad ignition module. You can check it by removing the affected ignition coil, also remove the fuel injector fuse. Connect a test lamp across the two terminals on the ignition module. Take a look at the test light while you crank the engine over. The light should be flashing while you crank it. If it does not you need to replace the module. The only other thing I can think of would be the the ICM or the Crank sensor. Some good information on this Check it out and see if that will help. Good Luck to you.

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What if the light is constantly on? Is it still bad?


@whitey7265 Check the coil pack? Replaced your Crank sensor? What have you checked and what have you tried?


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i think you are right. R$ight knoim working on a 2005 mini cooper

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