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Repair guides and support for GE digital cameras, produced by General Imaging, and sold under the General Electric brand name.

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How do I clear :Write Protect: from my EG 840s camera screen? I have a

I have a 82e4bk0e002219 type E840 digital camera , bought in 2008. It has been working through out ,but has suddenly started to display - WTITE PROTECT in the viewing screen. After a suggestion by one of you I have checked the lock slid on the memory card, As this did not correct the problem I have bought a new replacement card-1gb. After fitting this the problem remains .The Write Protect is still there, Would there be a fault in the camera? What can you recommend I do? other than replace the camera?

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Did you mean a GE E840s?

Most probably the SD card slot in the camera is faulty.

There is a lever switch in the camera’s SD card slot that is operated by the SD card's lock switch which may be bent and is permanently operated indicating that the card is write protected when it is not. You may be able to see it if you look into the card slot. It is on the same side that the lock switch on the card is on when inserted.

To fix it you most probably will have to open the camera and either try to fix (straighten?) the lever spring in the card slot or to replace the SD card slot.

I cannot find any information online e.g. service manual or YouTube videos that show how to open your camera. You may have better luck

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thank you I will give it a try.


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