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The Huawei P smart is an Android smartphone released in January 2019 by Huawei, a Chinese electronics manufacturer. It was released in 32 GB and 64 GB versions and includes hybrid Dual SIM capabilities.

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Do I need to melt the adhesive before attempting to remove the back?

Various videos online show people just prying the back of the phone off with a spudger. I assumed I would need to use a heat gun or iopener or something similar to melt the adhesive first? Just want to make sure I do this right

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I’d highly recommend it, since it not only makes the separation of the screen easier, but also prevents the breaking of the screen an other components from using too much force.

Word of caution: Whether you use a heat gun or a hair dryer, keep the heat moving along the edges and not stationary on one spot, as it can cause damage to the screen and other parts of the phone. If you have an iOpener, place it for a few seconds on the edges of the device every few seconds. This also should help opening the device with more ease.

Hope that helps.

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hello, it does not require a heat gun, the back is only interlocking. I just wrote a guide if you want to check. regards

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