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Released February 2018. Dell Inspiron 14-5482 features a 14.0" HD screen and Intel i7 core.

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The fan is really noisy.

The fan has been noisy in this machine for quite some time, and seems to get worse over time. When I say noisy, I don’t mean that it is running at high speeds. It just doesn’t sound right when it runs, even at low speed. It almost sounds like it has a bad bearing. I’ve opened up the machine and everything looks clean, and the fan blades look good. I’m not sure what to do. Can I replace the fan? Should I?

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The repair is complete! I highly recommend


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TYLER GOODWIN  absolutely should you go ahead and replace the fan. If it is noisey it is most likely a bearing and to keep it running like that may lead to overheating from an ineffective fan. This site will show you exactly how to replace it.

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