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Apple Watch Series 2, announced September 7th, 2016 and released September 16 2016.

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Cannot remove screen from Apple Watch, quite stuck on!

I am trying to remove the screen of my Apple Watch series 2 and have put so much time and effort into trying to remove the screen and it simply will not lift off. I used the iOpener to warm it (up to 10 minutes!), an Xacto knife to get under the screen, a razor blade to get under there—I cannot get that screen lifted. Anyone else have this issue and what did you do?

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Did someone else work on your watch?

I had one where the person who fixed it used Crazy glue thinking that would prevent the crystal from falling off. Yep! It did that! And stopped the force touch from working too.

I too couldn't open it up either to fix the first persons fix!


No, the watch is original and never opened. It functioning just fine,

I just am looking to replace the battery.


You could try an air powered suction cup that can grab a good portion of the crystal. A good vacuum pump will be needed and use a bit of solvent to help soften the force touch gasket adhesive.


Solvent such as rubbing alcohol?


Apologies, I meant isopropyl alcohol in my mind vs rubbing alcohol. I'll try it in conjunction with heat.


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@bchach - Rubbing Alcohol is not workable and could damage your watch as it not clean enough. Just like dark pond water is not something you would drink.

You'll need 85% or better isopropyl alcohol (or ethanol) which presently is not easy to find do to COVID cleaners needing them! Methanol is about all you can find these days. Just be careful! it takes very little to soften the adhesive and you need good venation.

Heat is still better!

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