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The Sega Game Gear portable gaming device was released in 1991 in competition with the Nintendo Game Boy.

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Game gear does not turn on after replacing capacitors

Hello, I have a game gear that doesnt work. First, the red light still worked when turning on the device. But no view/sound. After replacing all the capacitors it does nothing anymore, not even show a red light. I also noted the batteries are heating up when i turn the console on. What went wrong?

how do i check if i Made a misstake when replacing the capacitors?


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@marieloud this “ I also noted the batteries are heating up” is usually caused by a short-circuit. Double check your work. Check the capacitors and look for an accidental solder bridge etc.

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Thanks for the help! What does “solder bridge” mean? How can i check the capacitors? Can I check them in circuit?

As you can read I am really new at this..


@marieloud a solder bridge is what we sometimes get when the solder rubs across two points/traces/contacts and accidentally creates a short circuit. Hence the importance of always double checking ones work after it is done. You need a capacitance meter (some multimeters have it build in) or and ESR meter. Usually you remove the capacitor from the circuit to measure unless you have an ESR meter than you can measure it in circuit. Check on this wiki Capacitors 101


Thank you very much! I had a solder bridge indeed. Now the game gear turns on for a few seconds and turns off again.

I’ll check the capacitors with my multimeter, thx!


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