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Repair guides and troubleshooting information for hair dryers.

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sunhome model 8911 heater not working

sunhome model 8911 heater not working just cold air comes out

Update (09/28/2020)

how open it was unable to already remove screws

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Have you checked that the “cold shot button” is not stuck down at all?

If it is OK then you may have to open the dryer and check with an Ohmmeter that the heater element circuit is OK.

Disconnect the dryer from the power and once you have opened the dryer, test from the power cord plug, through the temperature control switch and cold shot button to the heater etc.

If the heater element is faulty it may be difficult to get a replacement part as sometimes there are no spare parts available for these kinds of electrical appliances. If the temperature switch is faulty, search on places such as or to hopefully find a compatible replacement switch.

If you don’t know how to test electrical appliances then contact a reputable appliance repair service. Although given the cost of the dryer it may be cheaper just to buy a new one.

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Post some images of the screw heads. Here's how to do this. Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente

Most probably they are what is known as "tamper proof" or perhaps "security screws" and you would need the appropriate screwdriver to remove them. A lot of appliances are like that these days. The manufacturers say it is for safety reasons to prevent consumers from accessing the internal components and possibly electrocuting themselves or making the appliance unsafe especially if they're not sure what they're doing.

It also makes it harder for people to repair who do know what they're doing as they need more tools due to the number and variety of different screws available ;-)


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