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4.3" widescreen LCD display with a 333 MHz Processor. Model Number PSP98510. Repair for this device requires common screwdrivers and prying tools.

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My psp doesn't charge

The psp doesn't charge when i plug the charger in

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Have you tried a new battery yet? If the battery isnt the problem the next step is to open the case and make sure that all connectors are in place. If they are, unfortunately you may need a new logic board.


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Ali, if you checked the battery and all the connectors as well as contacts as Phillip Takahashi suggested and it still does not solve your issue, you might want to take a look at the logic board fuse. Great information on the fuses etc is available here and of course here with the instructions. Give this a try before you buy a new logic board.....;-) Should you be really bored and you like to learn more about this, you can download the BOARD SERVICE MANUAL 1st edition Level 3 from here :-)... good luck

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is this a psp 2000 or 3000 board?


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