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Repair information for Apple's high-end wireless earbuds—priced above standard AirPods, and first released in October 2019.

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Airpod Pro Left Earbud Not Connecting to Charging Case

for a while now, I realised how my left earbuds have a really hard time connecting properly to the charging case. I only noticed after continuously picking up my aipods and find out the left one is empty.

I did contact apple customer service once and they suggested to bring it to an apple repair store. The only available near me happened to be an authorised store and not an actual apple store. I did book a repair and they took it in and made me come back after 1h, only to then tell me there’s nothing they can do?

They did however, clean and reset my airpods, which did not solve my problem.

Now before I tried contacting apple again, and maybe try and book a repair at an actual apple store, I thought I see if anyone had the same issue and maybe has a solution.

I bought mine in January, so I still have the 1 year apple warranty.

Note: I also noticed how sometimes my devices show different % of charge the earbuds have left. They sometimes seem to not update frequently… not sure if that has to do with the problem, but I’ve seen people have that before.

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Clean and pry up the contact fingers very slightly, that’s it.

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Hi @tomchai , what exactly do you mean by "pry up the contact fingers very slightly"? the small metal parts inside the case? basically pull them out a tiny bit? I just want to double check before I start pulling on stuff


Pretty much it, clean them and pull slightly, don't deform them, maybe they are just stuck or contaminated.


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