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Released on October 23, 2012. Core i5 or Core i7 Processor. Apple Fusion Drive.

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Why am I only seeing flash storage and not my 1 tb disk?

Why is my late 2012 mac mini only showing the 121 gb flash storage and not my larger disk in disk utilities?

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possibly hidden? need more info take pictures, etc


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It’s possible the internal SATA cable connecting the internal HDD to the logic board has become disconnected. I’ve seen this happen accidentally on this model (it may be a result of transporting the machine or moving it around physically). Inspect the hard drive cable connection shown in Step 12 of this guide. If it is loose or coming loose, you can reseat it and use some anti-static tape to secure it in place. You may also want to inspect the other side of the cable, where it plugs into the hard drive. If that end is loose I would also recommend reseating it and securing with anti-static tape. Hope this helps!

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Where can I get the tools for taking the Mac Mini apart? I'm currently in a kind of rural area of Arizona which is Bullhead City!


You can order them through iFixit. If you look at the top of the guide that I linked under the introduction there is a section on the left hand side labeled "Tools" with a link to "Buy these tools" - I would start there. I'm not familiar with your location so I can't recommend any local shops.


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