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Repair information and disassembly guides for Amana washing machines.

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Metal pieces getting caught in Amana washing machine water pump.

Here is where I am. This is a new washing machine to me, came with a house purchase. Amana front loader Model No. NFW7200TW. Troubleshooting started with washer getting stuck on rinse cycle. I did some googling and found water pump was likely the issue so I pulled and cleaned the pump which was full of sediment about the size of gravel and a corroded piece of metal that was stuck in the pump about 1 1/2” x 1/2”. I figured I had fixed the problem and reassembled and ran washer again but the washer got stuck on rinse again. I figured I might have fried the pump by trying to run it too many times (it was pretty hot when I pulled it out the first time) so I ordered a new one. I went to replace the old pump and found another piece of metal almost identical to the first one stuck in the pump again. Is this metal coming from something else broken in my washer or just something left over in the drum from the previous owner? I want to go ahead and install the new pump because some of the blades on the old one look damaged from the metal pieces but I don’t want to throw it in and get more metal hunks caught in my fresh pump. Can someone help me troubleshoot this?

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Hi @jglenn ,

Don't know the answer but given the size of the metal piece that was in the pump, if it were broken off from the washer and got into the tub and then into the pipe to the drain pump you would think that it would be noticeable where it came from.

Also is the “sediment”, metallic or maybe it is gravel as you described? If non metal (and non plastic) then maybe it was from clothing (or something else) that was placed in the washer.

Here's a link to the parts for the washer, just to give you a better view of where things are in relation to each other and also if something else is wrong with it as well. The drain pump is shown in the Top and cabinet parts diagram (part #14)

There are other suppliers ( is one) that show the same information, just search for "NFW7200TW parts"

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Thanks! I was thinking the same thing. I don't recall if the sediment was metal or not and I already washed it all away but it definitely wasn't plastic. Given the state of the washer the previous owner didn't do a very good job at maintaining their appliances so I wouldn't be surprised if they threw something in there that didn't belong. I reinstalled the original pump and it made it through a wash cycle just fine, I'm going to run it through 10 or so more just to make sure there isn't anything else floating around in the drum before I install the new pump. Thanks for the links to the parts diagrams, that gave me some more peace of mind.


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