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All variations of the HP G61 laptop.

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How do I reattach the network antennas to the network card?

My grandad and I tore down this HP G61-405SA laptop because we thought that the screen would fit an Acer laptop (Can't remember model number, Is currently taped up with screws waiting for replacement screen). Surprise Surprise! It didn't fit. And we had taken everything part and left no stone unturned inside it. So the next day, I was given the parts and asked if I could put it back together. I managed to do so after about a week cause it was my first time doing something along those lines. But I realized something. There were two little cables left over that I didn't remember removing. I look around and wonder where they go. I couldn't figure it out and just left them in the network card compartment because that's where they looked like they were supposed to go. Fast forward a month later, I now know that they go on the network card but have no clue as to how you're supposed to reattach them after such an operation. If anyone could help, If be so thankful!

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Hi @h0m3br3w ,

Do you mean how the antennas are routed through the bottom case and the lid as well as being connected to the WLAN card or only how they’re connected to the card?

Here’s the ifixit HP G61-430SB Teardown guide. (should be the same for your model variant).

In the image at Step.2 the antennas can be seen connected to the WLAN card.

At Step.11 they can be seen coming out of the lid so that they can pass through the right hinge to the bottom case and through to the card

Here’s the HP G61 maintenance and service guide (should apply to your model variant) On p.4-21 the antenna routing can be seen for the bottom case and on p.4-28 how they are run in the lid.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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