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How Do I Replace The HDD

I Have A HP Probook 640 G1 With A Dead HDD Does Anyone Have An Answer

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If you’re sure that the HDD is dead and not that the laptop is just not booting into the OS (does it show up in BIOS?) then here’s the maintenance and service guide for the laptop.

Go to p.59 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove / replace the HDD.

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Yeah The HDD Is Dead Does Not Show Up In Linux Live Or The BIOS


@Jayden Montes

Well then hopefully you will find that the hardware manual is helpful.

You may want to take the opportunity to replace the HDD with a SSD to give a performance boost to the laptop. If the SSD is 7.00 mm it will need a 9.5 mm adapter so that it connects properly in the drive bay.

Here's a link to a supplier just to give you information as to what SSDs are compatible (and also RAM modules if you wish to upgrade the memory as well) There are plenty of other suppliers online


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