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The Bose Wave Radio AWR1-1W, also known as the Bose Wave Radio I, was released in 1993. A countertop AM/FM radio system with a high performance stereo tuner and two independent alarms.

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Bose awrcc2 radio not turning on

The power cord is working fine since I tested it. I did not find a fuse on the mother board. Need help in diagnosing the issue

Update (08/21/2020)

Hi @jayeff Jayeff,

On the actual PCB  , I didn’t find F1 component anywhere near the transformer supply. There is one component named RT2.

could you please help.

Attaching screenshot

Block Image

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Throw an over-priced radio away?


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Hi @channe_rahul ,

Couldn’t find the schematics for a Bose AWRCC2 but did find the AWRCC3 service manual which may help as far as the power supply goes as perhaps there isn’t too much difference between the two models.

Here’s an image of the power supply section taken from the service manual which shows that there is a fuse designated F1. It is a slow blow fuse and its’ value is determined by the voltage supply in the location where it was first sold. It may not look like a fuse that you were expecting to see so look for the F1 component designation on the board instead. It should be near the power cord connections.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

Here’s a link that you may also find useful as it does relate to the AWRCC2 model.

Hopefully a start.

Update (08/24/2020)

Hi @channe_rahul ,

Looks like your board is not like the circuit that I posted as there doesn’t appear to be a power transformer etc.

The RT component may be a thermistor so try testing that with an Ohmmeter to make sure that it is no open circuit.

Other than that all you can do is to trace the tracks from the input connector and check where they go to and which component that they pass through first. Obviously the capacitors near the input may only be filter capacitors so check any diodes etc in the path first.

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