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Repair guides and support for all-in-one washer and dryer assemblies as well as stacked units.

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Dryer rumbling shakes violently after a few minutes.

Frigidaire model flsg72gcs9.

The dryer would not start so I took the front panel off and saw that the drum glide felts were damaged and coming loose. I replaced the top and bottom felts. I stretched the bottom felt too much when installing and snipped off about a 1/4” extra. After reinstalling, the dry went for about 15 minutes before a low rumbling could be heard which got louder as it went on.

I took the machine apart and noticed the pulley wheel had a crack so I ordered a new one along with a new belt. Replaced them and got the same result. (the belt leaves shaving or rubber dust underneath the pulley)

I ordered a new drum bearing even though the old one looked good and replaced it. Same result.

At this point the motor would not turn without assistance so I thought it was bad bearings and installed a new motor (and blower housing it comes with). Same rumbling, maybe even worse.

I noticed when I pushed on the back of the dryer the rumbling would stop and noticed on one of the corners it was missing a screw. I had to drill through the hole to get to where it secures the intake to the back round plate. Still continued to rumble.

The rumbling did not start until after I installed the new felts. They have had to be replaced a few times over the years. The left side of the felt has rubbing marks because the drum leans to one side creating a gap on one side and rubbing against the other. But I think it has always done this. I have leveled the dryer but the drum still leans that way.

Whenever I reinstall the drum it runs fine for 15 min to 45 min

The only thing I have not replaced is the blower fan but the dryer runs fine with the belt off and starts rumbling as soon as I put the belt back on.

Any ideas?

Link to noise

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First make sure it isn’t wedged against the wall. Also check the dryer legs and the area directly beneath the machine itself.

A defective component could be definitely a problem that you'll want to address, make sure follow all these guides to troubleshoot your machine.

Dryer with loud rumbling noise every 20 to 40 seconds, lasting 5 sec

Good luck!

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Same problem here, noise begins a little after starting a load so I thought the heat makes the drum warp or the shifting load puts changing pressure on the front bearing causing the drum to vibrate. Didn't do that before I put in the new felt bearing but the old one was worn out and laundry was getting skid marks. I theorize the new felt being thicker is creating more friction. So, I adjusted the feet and wedged the dryer cabinet into its undercounter space and the noise is now tolerable. I hope the new felt will wear down after awhile and noise will go away but after two months there isn't any improvement. So we will keep running it until something else breaks then either fix or replace as we usually do.


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