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Released on October 23, 2012. Core i5 or Core i7 Processor. Apple Fusion Drive.

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What does logic board sticker mean?

What does the white sticker on my Mac Mini late 2012 logic board mean?

*C07414302RHF1H8AM*    631-2014   CHINA

Current repair is telling me that previous repair swapped out my original logic board claiming they resoldered the board fan connector because there’s no connector repair.

Is there any way to tell that from the letters/numbers on the sticker?

What do the letters/numbers indicate?

My original board was a 2.3 i7.

Is there any what to confirm that from the sticker on the board or prove that it’s not my original board?

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The first part is your systems serial number C07414302RHF1H8 should match the cases S/N stamped on the bottom if its the original board. The last part of the S/N F1H8 is the logic boards configuration in this case a 2.3GHz i7 CPU is mounted to it.

The 631-2014 is the logic boards assembly ID (not used)

Here’s another board as reference:

Block Image

FYI: The Apple part number is 661-7018

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So if the serial no I recorded from About This Mac when first purchased was C07MM113DWYM, and the serial no. that's now on the logic board sticker when I got Mini back from repair is C07414302RH, that means it's not the original board, correct?


@dstx - That is also true! I like using the case S/N to be sure. Maybe they swapped out the entire unit on you.


Dan, how can C07414302RH be a serial no if S/N lookup returns error - "We’re sorry, but this serial number isn’t valid. Please check your information and try again."?

When I enter my S/N (C07MM113DWYM) at S/N lookup, I get info on my Mac Mini model, not message that S/N isn't valid.


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