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1:10 scale remote controlled batmobile car and figure with POV driving through a smart phone app.

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Some features are not working.

Can I ship my batmobile to have it fixed as it was when I purchased it. I’m willing to pay for the repairs

or send me in the right direction to get it fixed.

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Hi @arbormasters191,

ifixit does not do repairs. It provides replacement parts for mostly Apple products and other selected devices such as game consoles, some other brands of mobile phones, necessary tools etc. (Click on the Part & Tools or the Store links at the top of this page)

It also provides this free forum which has a lot of free repair guides supplied, where anybody can provide answers to the question asked, that will hopefully allow you to fix the device yourself. You may have to edit your question (click on Options > Edit) to provide more details as to what the problems are and also it may be helpful to provide some close up images that may help better to explain what is wrong. Here’s how to do this Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente

If nobody responds with such an answer to your question, contact a reputable professional electronics repair service and ask for a quote.

Depending on what the problems are, then it may not be easy to repair, e.g. searching online for replacement parts for the model, if any were required, doesn’t give any results for suppliers. The only results were for retailers for a new one.


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