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WowWee CHiP Robot Dog, an automated AI pet which you can control and play with. Released in early 2016.

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Wheels roll when picked up but wont move chip

Hello I just got my son a used chip robot his wheels roll but they will not move him I'm not sure if there is something I can do to fix that thank you

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got the same probleme on an ebay buy. looking forward guys to jeep posting how you solved the problem and what Heard You changed and where did you find them to buy new replacement ones. good luck!


can anyone give a guide to change the gears?


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Some of the plastic gears in the wheels will be damaged (if you try turning the wheels by hand you will probably feel them grind and stick, they should move freely). It’s a complex job because you need to remove most of the internals to get to the legs, but then then you can inspect the gears that are damaged and replace them. Use silicone grease on the new gears to keep things moving freely.

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Thank you so much


It’s an easy job a few screws finding the gear is another story It’s the gear on the motor shaft that’s bad was able to get some gears but they’re not quite as large still looking


Hi, we have the same problem, all 4 legs roll but very weak so when placed on the floor none of the legs move. Is it a central gear?


Same problem here, weak turning of wheels, won't turn on the floor. I've gotten it torn down to the gear boxes, now to see which one(s) may be damaged...


same issue bought one the lady claimed worked great his wheels spin when held but once on the ground he wont move. opened up found that the gear on the motor itself was broken all the teeth looked good but in one of the splines it was broken in to. This is what you will need to fix. Plastic Gears Model 082A, 8 Teeth, 0.5 Modulus, 5mm Outer diameter, 5mm Thickness, 2mm Hole Diameter. you can find these on amazon 50 for about $7. the replacement is quite easy.


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