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A 2-in-1 laptop/tablet with full 360° folding capabilities. Released in 2015 with model number 80J80021US.

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The laptop turns on automatically once the lid is being opened

Hello guys, While i was working my laptop suddenly shut down with no reason and won’t turn on again, I tried:

1- Booting without battery plugged in and it failed

2- Changing CMOS Battery and didn’t work

I found that when i open the lid the laptop turns on and keep restarting (exactly like someone keeps pressing the power button), I tried to connect the laptop to an external monitor then i opened the lid for 2 secs and closed it again, The laptop turned on successfully without any problems on the external monitor, but once the lid is open again it goes for infinity loop as mentioned above, I suspect that there is a conflict in the power cycle that causes the lid pressing the power button once it’s opened and i don’t know how to solve it, Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance :)

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Have you checked the advanced power options so see what the "Lid" settings are?

Also what are the sleep and Hibernation settings? Try turning them off if on.

Also have you tried shutting down the laptop by holding the power button until it fully shuts down? Just in case it is a sleep, hibernation, lid conflict? Doing this should get it out of sleep or hibernate state and mean that it is reallyturned off.


Hi @jayeff,

Thanks for your reply, I tried these options too, turning off all power options neither to power off nor even sleep, The same result.

power button doesn't work under any case unless i open the lid, So my case now is:

The lid is open = The power button is held

To keep the laptop turned on i have to open the lid and close it quickly so this means the power button is pressed just one time and the device is turned on successfully and i can manage it from an external monitor normally, otherwise the power button doesn't response to any interaction from me, i tried holding the power button for nearly 1 min and nothing happened.

I hope i could explain my problem right since English is not my native language


I had the same problem and I fixed it by this Link…


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Hi @yusuf10

Not a problem with your English, it's fine ;-)

Don't know if there may be a problem with the lid sensor then

Don't know if this - example only is it or not.

Found this by looking at the parts list (click on Select Commodity > cards misc internal (4) to find the part number for Sensor Board C Yoga 3-1170 CARDS MISC INTERNAL 5C50H15168.

The hardware maintenance manual shows that it is near the camera board and is located in the top of the lid. (see p.54)

Try covering it up somehow (or does it need a magnet??) and check if you don’t have to close the lid to keep the laptop on.

Or perhaps the EDP cable may be damaged where it passes through the hinge to get from the motherboard to the lid, as the webcam and sensor wires would be in this cable, I think.

When using the external display this means that the laptop display is off is that correct?

I may be totally off the track with this off course, but it seems that something with the lid is conflicting with maintaining the laptop on as per normal.

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