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Wrong voltage on my Cosori Air Fryer

Hi All,

I just bought a Cosori Air Fryer from USA and like a fool thought that I could use it on 240 v Qatari electric standard.

It immediately burnt, apparently. I attached one picture of it.

Do I still have any chance to put it back alive?

Block Image

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Hi @opang ,

What is the model number of the fryer?

Can you add any pictures showing where the power first connects to in the fryer? Are there any other boards when the power may be wired to first when it physically enters the machine?

In the image above it appears that the power is coming in on the wires under your fingers but there seems to be too many of them just to be the two or possibly three that may be the supply for the pcb unless the relays on the pcb switch the power to other parts of the machine as necessary.

One of the red wires, the one from the motor (is it the fan?) seems as though it isn't coming from the pcb board so where it it coming from? The blue wire coming out of the motor looks like the neutral side of the power supply as it does connect with multiple other blue wires and the pcb but not the red

The motor and the pcb both seem to be OK and the higher voltage input that was connected would damage any components near where it was first connected to.


Hello, i have a same issue. How i fix. what i to do? please help. Brand New fryer, not recognized voltage level


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Sadly no, it is done

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I bought an air fryer,I tried to use a 500 w voltage converter on it and it didn’t work,the voltage converter overheated so I bought a 2000w one,the air fryer is 1700w,the air fryer worked but it smelled like burnt wires after I tested it,what can I do now ?


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Unfortunately, it appears like that motor is fried. No telling what on the PCB is also fried.

120V appliances are just not happy swallowing 240V.

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