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Digital Pocket Memo with slide switch operation.

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How to change the logo when starting

Someone changed the startup logo on my DPM8000 and when I follow the steps to use a welcome.bmp image is does not change it back. Is that a one-time only change or how can I change it or take it back to the default Philips?

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Hi @wttllc ,

Did you try this method to alter the welcome screen?


Hi @jayeff,

Yes I have attempted that procedure, reflashing the firmware and resetting to defaults but nothings seems to work. The firmware goes OK and removes itself from the SD card, but the welcome.bmp image does not change at startup and remains on the drive. That is why I was curious if it was not able to change repeatedly? Unfortunately I only have access to this one unit so cannot test on others. Thank you for your input.


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Since you can drag the “welcome.bmp” image to your DPM8000, can you not pull it out as well?

If so, then do this:

  1. Pull a copy out from your DPM8000
  2. Open it in paint
  3. Open your new logo in paint
  4. cut the logo of the NEW logo in paint (it’s now stored in the clipboard)
  5. paste the cut image into the old logo in paint.
  6. save and copy back.

see if that helps.

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No but perhaps I am missing something. Normally if I connect one of those recorders I would not see anything listed when Windows shows it as a drive (unless there is a recording). I can see the welcome.bmp file that I have put on the SD card, but am not able to access anything else. From my understanding the recorder should see the new file on the SD card and load that as the logo when starting but it is not changing/updating.

If there is a way to access the current logo on the recorder to copy out I am not aware of that.


Not that I am aware of.... It's been awhile since I had my hands on my old DPM8000 and I've long since lost it. I did use the method I had with success but if there were any updates done to it since I've had it, it may have a different methodology or may have changed locations of where they look for the file or even the file name. Sorry I can't help you better. :-(


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