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The Kodak EasyShare Z740 offers an impressive feature set, easy-to-use controls, and a powerful zoom, making it a good choice for anyone looking for a simple camera with room to grow.

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Formatting SD Card Error

Anytime I insert an SD card into this camera, the screen states “Memory card requires formatting”. Out of the two options displayed, I would select continue, and it would procees to load, then return to the screen that said the card requires formatting. If i choose to cancel when the screen says “Memory card requires formatting”, it says “Memory card cannot be read —(please format memory card or insert another memory card.)”. I’ve cleared the card completely and even tried a brand new card, as well as a micro SD with an adapter. Both cards are 32 GB; please help, i really want to take vintage photos with this camera!!! ☺️

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Has the 32GB SD card worked in the camera before?

If not given that it is old camera technology from ~2005 it may be that the 32GB SD Card is too great a capacity for the camera to recognize.

The camera’s user manual storage capacities are quoted in MB (Megabits) which is 1000 times smaller than GB (Gigabits) , so try using a 2GB or hopefully a 4GB or 8GB SD card and check if one of those works. According to the manual you can format the SD card in the camera if it is recognized that is.

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It could also be that the card is too epic for the camera.

wait. oh wait that's what this answer was saying. ohhhhhh


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heyy i had this same problem and got it fixed.

Its very simple, all you gotta do is format the card to NTFS (should work with MacOS and Windows) I think mine was exFAT and thats why it didnt work.

Hope this helps! (:

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I’m having this same issue. Can you please explain in a bit more detail what that means exactly? :)


I am also having the same issue, please let me know!


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