MacMini Late 2012 shuts off 3/4 through start up?

Replace the drive or replace the mac mini?

How do I use a disk image to successfully restore the previous files?

My long everyday workingMacMini ( Late 2012) 16 GB memory & 265 Gb storage— starts shutting off 3/4 through start up after moving our setup back to our office this week — How do I know if it is hardware failure or software corruption? Replace the drive or replace the mac mini?

Though it would shut off mid startup, I was able to get it to startup Recovery Mode, but I needed to get files from it . No back up-(Yes, Stupid, I know)

After several failed attempts to restart, I finally was able to save a disk image file of the contents. In it I could see most of the important files I needed to have in hopes migrate the data to a new install.

So I wiped the mac mini drive clean and reinstalled El Capitan (after much a do with having to reset the date on my clock & using a wired connection to get it to restore El Capitan). I have been able to reformat the old drive and it has not shut down upon restart in several days but I think I would get a new hard drive anyway.

The restore from the disk image using disk utility would not work. no package could be found. no working Mac OS system I gather. could not use migration assistant either. So I was able to copy Just enough of the important info from the disk image ( parallels & windows 12 ask word documents) to an new user on another office machine w same Mac OS so it can be used for work this week, but I’m sure this is not the best way forward.

Many Thanks for any suggestions as how much to trust the hardware, get a new hard drive & restore form a disk image that seems to not be recognized usual restore options?

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