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Samsung Blu Ray player released in 2015, identified by model number BD-JM57C.

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Tray will not open - Home screen comes on and off intermittently?

This device is a ‘BD-JM57’ -[- We don’t see any ‘C’ in the model no. Not sure of any difference with that, but it surely does look identical.

Plug it in and we hear the dvd player try to open but it will not. The home screen (start up screen) pops up but immediately goes off. It comes on and off intermittently each time we hear the dvd drive attempt to open . Plugging in turns on player - no need to press on button anymore. . Cannot turn it off either. We can manually open drive and shut it. Here is what I’ve tried so far:

Disassembled & examined the player. Belt appears to be ok. Disk spins - seems motor is ok. It appears that the tracking mechanism is moving forward a little but stops and goes back and it’s quiet again (for a few seconds) and then it goes forward again to repeat the process over and over. Each time home start up screen pops up for a second and goes black to start the process again. I’ve unplugged both cables to dvd carriage just to see if player will work without dvd hooked up. DUH. Tried this with both cables off & tried one and then the other with no luck (as if that would actually work - Yet stranger things have happened in my decades of IT work).

The player is not that old (less than 2 years) and we rarely use it for cd/dvd use. 98% of the time we just use the apps. Hate to have it end up in a landfill if there’s a way to save it. I’ve had very good luck over the years fixing stuff, but I have failed with this one.

Really need this for local weather and the apps. Is there any way to use without the carriage somehow? Or any other ideas will surely be appreciated. Hate to have it end up in a landfill if there’s a way to save it. I’ve had very good luck over the years fixing stuff but I have failed with this one.

Another idea is a replacement for the dvd part? It’s been so long since I’ve done repairs like this I don’t have a source for parts and don’t have parts list. Would it be feasible to call Samsung for the part?

Thank you in advance for any help!

Update (06/19/2020)

UPDATE: Found the part:

But $83 +_tax + shipping ?! Whoa!

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Mine is doing the exact same thing, and it won't allow me to do a hard reset. For that price, I'm just going to trash it and buy a new (NOT Samsung) one.


Disgusted by Samsung and their inferior products. I have been ripped off by them for the LAST time!. they support is as worthless as their products. They are helping to fill the worlds landfills and I hope they are held accountable!


Agree with both of the comments. LOL was looking on ebay to purchase one for parts, but everything we came across claims they have the exact same problem. ;) Bleh


FYI: I have recently experienced the same problem, although my unit is probably a few years old. I opened the unit, disconnected the DVD cables, plugged it in to see if I could still stream video, but I am still having the same problem. With that being said, I know that it is not a problem with the DVD tray, but is probably something fried on the mother board, regarding system controls. If I were bored enough, I would continue to troubleshoot, but at this point in the game, I will probably chuck it. If I find out something else, then I will post it for your review.


I have same problem, so this may be this device's main failure mode.

I'd like to extract the DVD that's now stuck inside but haven't yet figured out how to expose its innards, though I see some of you have.

How can I do this without breakage, or at least without destroying the DVD (which, based upon everybody's experiences here, is probably worth more than the Samsung device)?


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Hi @ekahuna ,

Don’t know the answer but here’s the service manual for the player that may be of some help.

The disc loading error troubleshooting flowchart might help if there is a power problem to the deck, but otherwise it ends up where you are - change the deck.

Be patient when going to download the manual as it takes a bit of time to go from processing to download after you have passed the recaptcha test and clicked on go to download, below the document preview box.

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THAT PART [the drive deck] WAS NOT THE PROBLEM! Also the part is different than the one shown here. That one is for different players than this one. I found the correct part: AK96-02203B

Crazy, just noticed they raised the price from when I just purchased ours. wow.

Purchased the new drive believing that was the problem. But it wasn’t. Whatever is causing this is a problem internally. Probably in the PCB someplace. The capacitors look perfectly fine.

But I’m not even sure I can return this new part. (Received it today). :(

Trying to contact them is a study in massive frustration. After waiting 50 MINUTES on hold, I finally left number for them to call me.

Looks like this NEW player (2018) is destined for the scrap heap. What a waste.

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