Infinite restart chime loop


I have this macbook mini, I did replace the hdd with ssd, started to install the latest mac os (this was 3 years ago) and all the sudden something happend, I am not sure if it turns off or stuck on installing, but I remember i did try to reboot but since then and today still doest this infinite restart chime loop.

Check the video:

It gives 0 signal to the monitor.

So basically I did almost everything I could read on internet to fix, as I am working with pc hardwares, I did try to change ram, try it without ram, change new ssd, try it without it, remove the power cable let it like that for 1 hour, plug in, didn’t work, remove all cables, wifi antena, everything plug in, and never make it to work again. So, as far as I know this could not be an hardware issue, what else could be I don’t really know, I am not good with macs, I heard some people saying its a EFI Flash is corrupted.

If anyone can help me figure out what could I do with it.

Here where I live we dont have an official apple service I was thinking if its repear-able where could i send it and how much would cost…

Thank you


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Constant rebooting like this normally indicates some major hardware issue. Some possibilities that come to mind include a damaged main logic board, incorrect RAM or damaged RAM slots, or EFI corruption. With the exception of incorrect RAM, these are generally not easy fixes. Have you inspected the condition of the logic board? Are you able to do a PRAM reset (P+R+Option+Command) or the Apple diagnostic (D)?


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